Michelle Yoga Monday 4 pm

Vi Wednesday 430 pm 

Vi Thursday 10 am

Michelle Yoga Thursday 4 pm

Vi Friday 10 am

Vi Sunday 10 am

Something to take note of

$15.00 Donation


The Zoom app we use to stream looks like this below from the app store.


$5.00 Donation 

​$10.00 Donation

In addition to any fields marked with a red asterisk please Enter One of the below class options into the Event Title field as shown below.

We appreciate whatever Donation you feel you can comfortably make.

If you are not in a position to make a donation but would like to attend please email us at vidavis@live.com or call the number below.

Please scroll down below the Donation buttons for important additional information on streaming the classes.

* Online Classes are being streamed via the Zoom app for PC, Android or Iphone.

* The Donation buttons above only take Visa, MasterCard and Discover

*  You will receive an email approx 30 minutes before the start of class with the link to join.  The email with the link to join the meeting will come from dds4514@hotmail.com

*  If you are struggling with the Donation processing try using Chrome and make sure you do not have any unusual characters in the event title box (it only takes alpha numeric not special characters)

*  If you are still running into problems or have questions please call us at 661-339-0638 and we will be happy to help.